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Wing Chun Combat System : About Us

When I was Thirteen, First time I saw the film "enter the dragon" starring Bruce Lee, I made up my mind to learn Martial art. Luckily, after a few days I happened to pass by a karate class which after preliminary inquiry, I joined it. Karate thought here was of Shuto-ryu style. I enthusiastically carried out my regular practice there and at the end of year I got the rank of brown belt but then I left my class, as professionally. I am a commercial artist and to learn something new. I came to Mumbai to try my luck. Being a martial artist I knew it that Bruce lee was a practitioner of wing-Chun and so I was much obsessed with idea of learning Wing-Chun. During my look out for Wing -Chun style of martial art, I came upon several Kung-fu styles but was not satisfied. Then one fine day I learned about Sifu Sonu Kumar Giri who is one of the closest student of Sifu Chaitanya Naik.

I personally went to visit his place "Wing-Chun Kung-fu Martial art academy". I was convinced by his polite welcome and assurances to fulfill my desire of learning Wing-Chun. I felt that my search for learning martial art of my choice is ended exactly is the same was as a thirsty man gets well of water in a desert. Sifu Sonu Kumar Giri accepted me as his disciple and trained me with his heart and soul, up till the completion of my Instructor Level-I course. His co-operative hand is still upon me and will remain in future too. I have great regard for him as what I possess of Wing-Chun today is due to his motivation and time and again support. I am very glad at this point that along with original Wing-Chun martial art, I got a co-operative Sifu Sonu Kumar Giri. In my view whoever acquired the art of Wing-Chun he has acquired the law of martial arts, as Wing-Chun makes weak capable of handling any powerful opponent with ease.
Lineage : My lineage is shown in Here Click for our Wing Chun Historical Family Tree (Lineage).

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